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Our Herdtop


Our herd is free of Foot Rot, Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL), Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE) and Johnes. We sample test a subset of our animals every year.
2011 subset
2012 subset

We support the Eradication of Scrapie, you can verify our enrollment in the USDA program by running a status report. Our number is MIJ0487.




We manage our farm to minimize the risk of disease.

  • We quarantine new animals and anyone who goes off the farm for shows
  • We buy new animals only from farms that test clean for contagious diseases
  • Visitors will be asked to wear protective shoe covers or have their shoes washed with disinfectant
  • We minimize trips through high traffic livestock areas such as feed mills and auctions
  • We always take care to disinfect our shoes, trailer, vehicle tires, water buckets and anything else that may have been in contact with a high risk area

Ram Selectiontop


Rams are half of your breeding program, and are extrememly influential in shaping your herd. Most males born on our farm will not be sold as rams to ensure only the best traits are passed on. The animals selected to remain rams must have:

  • good parasite tolerance
  • excellent fleece
  • above average growth rate
  • good conformation
  • good meet to bone ratio
  • workable personality




We are located in Ravenna, MI 49451. We welcome farm visits for people interested in purchasing breeding stock or spinners flock animals. Please email us to setup a time. If you just want to see our sheep or farm for fun, visit us at the Michigan Fiber Festival in August.